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Muestra Dislocada/ Dislocated

Muestra Bogotá

Muestra Oaxaca



MuestraPhiladelphia, PA

Stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ comunity.IMG-20191010-WA0014IMG-20191012-WA0004IMG-20191012-WA0006IMG-20191011-WA0003

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Dissident Bodies

Videos Performance


Performance Show Liberté

by Salomé Cosmique and Verónica Ponce de León

Photographer: David Acosta

DB ACCEPTANCEOFOURCHANGING (1)It is often difficult to accept ourselves as time passes and our mind and body change. Forming wrinkles, gaining weight, growing white hair, transitioning (or chosing not to transition ) for one’s gender identity, giving birth and acommodating new life. This changes are part of life, but we are encorage to hide them. 

Dissident Bodies is a curated live and digital performance that seeks to empower participant and viewers by challening the concept of beauty, gender and social conditioning , wich can distance us of our true nature.

We invite you to send us a video performance (max 10 minutes) about your changing body and how have you acceppted it or not.

Please send the video before September 1st in orden to be part of our exhibition. Wich will take place at Tattooed Mom on September 13th, 2018
Email #DissidentBodies #TrabajoColaborativo#WeareBeautiful #Curaduria #Philadelphia


e was drowning but no one saw hestruggle.

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Dissident Bodies Exhibition

Dissident Bodies

An exhibition opening at Little Berlin and organized by Salomé Cosmique and Verónica Ponce de León presents the work of nineteen artists from Latin America and the United States. Their varied responses to a call about self image and the acceptance of ones body as is, is at the center of this beautiful photography exhibition of self portraiture, photographs of the self as a form of protest and rebellion where the subject matter itself forms an axis of resistance and empowerment.

At the center of the work of these talented and bold photographers (male, female, and trans individuals) is the ability to accept their bodies as they are, and in so doing, eschewing societal conventions which seek to regulate and restrict the human body through expectations placed on gender and beauty.

Dissident Bodies seeks to empower both the artist and the audience to accept their bodies as they are.

David Acosta


Salomé Cosmique (Colombia – USA)
Verónica Ponce de León (México – USA)
Hans Cabrera (México – USA)
Sandra Ponce de León (México)
Lola Perla Performancera (México)
Tina Pit (Colombia)
John Campo @pasioncuzquena (Colombia)
Norma Corrales (Colombia – USA)
Catalina Higuera (Colombia)
Oscar Casallas (Colombia)
Juan D Quintero @juandqmt (Colombia)
Carlos Salguero (Colombia)
Zuleira Soto Roman (Puerto Rico)
Adaira Rojas (Puerto Rico)
Jodi Bosin (USA)
A.V. Rankin @avrankin (Uruguay – USA)
Natalia Cabezas (Chile)
Patricia Rincón @slowmotiv (Colombia – Chile)
Abril Troncoso (Dominican Republic)

June 16th – June 24th 2018
Gallery Hours: Sunday June 17th and 24th, 1:00 – 4:00

Salomé Cosmique

Salomé Cosmique is a Colombian performer, visual artist and curator who uses her arts as a vehicle to protest political and social issues. She believes that arts can transform, change and heal lives. Since 2012 her work has been focused on topics like immigration, colonialism and women’s inequality. Also, through her performances she wants to recall the memories of our ancestors. She has exhibited in France, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Brasil and Philadelphia.

Verónica Ponce de León

Multidisciplinary artist, theater, dance, quiñol theater, (voiceover) dubbing, mache paper art, educational art, literature, stage direction and performance. She seeks to communicate and sensitize the closest. She loves nature, animals and she loves what she does.

Performance Show Cage by Salomé Cosmique 
Dissident Bodies
Photographer David Acosta
             Cynthia Kreilick

Performance show Dissident Bodies by Salomé Cosmique and Verónica Ponce de León

Installation Dissident Bodies

Sonido Oscar Casallas (Colombia)

Vídeo Catalina Higuera (Colombia)



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Acciones por la paz Curaduria Salomé Cosmique y el Sindicato de Artistas


Este sábado 19 de noviembre El Sindicato invita a la comunidad Bogotana a ver la muestra de vídeos performance de cinco artistas que accionaron por la Paz de Colombia. Abril Troncoso mandó luz a Colombia desde la República Dominicana. Salomé Cosmique junto a los estudiantes de humanidades de la Universidad de Puerto Rico pidió paz desde Borinquen para Colombia. Luis Fernando Arango Duarte desde Manizales accionó por Colombia, Vladimir Cortes desde Armenia ha salido todos los días a la Plaza de Bolívar de Armenia a accionar por la paz y Alba Cadena desde Bogotá accionó por la paz .

This Saturday, November 19, El Sindicato invites the community of Bogotana to the video performance exhibition of five artists who worked towards the Peace of Colombia.




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Encuentro de Performances “Los Disidentes”. Bogotá- Colombia. Curaduria El sindicato de Artistas y Salomé Cosmique.Performance Lavando mis heridas. Salomé Cosmique



Vestida de negro y con mi cara cubierta accioné en la plaza de Bolivar de Bogotá, Colombia. Empecé la acción en frente del congreso. En mi mano derecha tenia un balde con sangre y la bandera de Colombia estaba adentro. En mi mano izquierda tenía agua y claveles.

Lavé la bandera con la  sangre, la extendí en el piso y le arrogué el agua y los claveles. Esta acción habla de las victimas de la guerra en Colombia, de la sangre que se derrama diariamente en el territorio Colombiano y de como el pueblo colombiano desea la paz y la sanación de las venas abiertas que tiene el país.

Dressed in black and with my face covered I acted in the Plaza de Bolivar in Bogotá, Colombia. I started the action in front of the congress. In my right hand I had a bucket with blood and the Colombian flag was inside. In my left hand I had water and carnations. I washed the flag with the blood, I spread it on the floor and I threw the water and the carnations. This action speaks of the victims of the war in Colombia, of the blood that is spilled daily in the Colombian territory and of how the Colombian people want peace and the healing of the open veins that the country has.



Fotografía Catalina Higuera

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Encuentro de Performance Recuerdos de un olvido Curaduria Salomé Cosmique y El Sindicato de Artistas. Performance Olvido por Salomé Cosmique

Fotografía Abril Troncoso

Curaduria: Salomé Cosmique y el Sindicato de Artistas

Performance Olvido , 20 minutos

Por Salomé Cosmique

Con la bandera de Puerto Rico encima de mi cuerpo, caminé por la playa y escribí en la arena.





Al terminar de escribir estos pensamiento de Albizu, me quité la bandera y  la puse en la playa.  Esperé que el mar, borrara las palabras y se llevará la bandera como metáfora del olvido de los ideales de independencia. Y como muchos en Puerto Rico , han olvidado a todos aquellos, que lucharon y murieron, por éste ideal.

With the flag of Puerto Rico on top of my body, I walked on the beach and wrote in the sand.






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Exposición Noche de Venus. Instalación Venus día – Venus noche. Aguada PR

Venus habla de la energía femenina, del espíritu de la pacha mama(madre tierra). De lo importante que las mujeres somos. Somos seres dadores de vida. Noche de Venus fue una noche de mujeres, de cantos y de energía femenina.

Venus speaks of the feminine energy of the spirit of the Pacha Mama (mother earth)

noche de venus


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