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Cuerpos al Vacío


Photographies: Nigel Thomson, Yesid Vargas and David Acosta


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Sakti Exhibition

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Next Exhibition! Ganesha, 2017

Perennial Visions@DVAADecember 5th

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Errante, 2018

International Performance Festival Conquista Ruas,  Vitória da Conquista, Brasil.  August 1st to 4th, 2018

9 Encuentro de Performance AVD October12th 2018. Brasil- Colombia

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Artist, Reader, Writer Exhibition at DVAA Gallery


Artist, Reader, Writer exhibition (1)

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New pieces! Telas ceremoniales del Hinduismo



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Dissident Bodies

Videos Performance


Performance Show Liberté

by Salomé Cosmique and Verónica Ponce de León

Photographer: David Acosta

DB ACCEPTANCEOFOURCHANGING (1)It is often difficult to accept ourselves as time passes and our mind and body change. Forming wrinkles, gaining weight, growing white hair, transitioning (or chosing not to transition ) for one’s gender identity, giving birth and acommodating new life. This changes are part of life, but we are encorage to hide them. 

Dissident Bodies is a curated live and digital performance that seeks to empower participant and viewers by challening the concept of beauty, gender and social conditioning , wich can distance us of our true nature.

We invite you to send us a video performance (max 10 minutes) about your changing body and how have you acceppted it or not.

Please send the video before September 1st in orden to be part of our exhibition. Wich will take place at Tattooed Mom on September 13th, 2018
Email #DissidentBodies #TrabajoColaborativo#WeareBeautiful #Curaduria #Philadelphia


e was drowning but no one saw hestruggle.

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