Performance Show Renacer

“Also featured on the gallery’s opening night was a performance by Colombian artist Salomé Cosmique. The act was a window into Puerto Rico’s history of disenfranchisement at the hands of the U.S.

As different moments in the history between the U.S. and Puerto Rico were displayed on a screen to the tune of the Puerto Rican national anthem, Cosmique brought out a Puerto Rican flag and laid it next to a pile of sand and stack of papers.

One-by-one, or sometimes two-by-two, Cosmique displayed to the audience the different historical moments written on each piece of paper — from the transfer of Puerto Rico to the U.S. following the Mexican-American War to the recent protests that ousted then-Governor Ricardo Rosselló — before burying them beneath handfuls of sand atop the Puerto Rican flag.

The performance ended when Cosmique pulled the flag from beneath the pile of sand and papers and laid it on top of the scattered fragments of history, representing a new beginning for the island in the name of the performance: Renacer (Rebirth)”. Nigel Thompson. Al dia News.

“The Rebirth performance took place on the exhibit’s opening night. Cosmique used paper sheets to portray — without words — the most emblematic moments in history of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland. Crouched on a blue tarp and throwing sand over her body and the Puerto Rican flag, the Colombian artist said the performance offered a critique of how these events are frequently forgotten” JESENIA DE MOYA CORREA. The Philadelphia Inquiere


Performance Show by Salome Cosmique (2) (1) (1)

Photographer David Acosta





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