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Cuerpos al Vacío

“It was a particularly windy Saturday afternoon when the journey from the Philadelphia bank of the Delaware River to Camden, NJ, began. In three months, Colombian artists Adrian Hueso and Salomé Cosmique planned a symbolic trek across the Ben Franklin Bridge they called “Cuerpos al Vacío.” The hour-and-a-half performance on April 27 highlighted the experiences of immigrants crossing the U.S. southern border. Their inspiration came from the children at the center of the chaos”

“Cosmique said she loves to hear the different languages of Philadelphia’s diverse populace on a daily basis. For her, this dynamic is integral to the richness of the U.S”

“We’re all immigrants in the U.S.,” said Cosmique.

Nigel Thomson of Al dia News


Photographies: Nigel Thomson, Yesid Vargas and David Acosta

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Sakti Exhibition

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